Ashkan Khodayarkhani - اشکان خدایارخانی

Hi, I'm ashkan Khodayarkhani Hamedani, a senior student of IT E-commerce in one of the most crowded cities in the world Tehran. Likely if the pollution in Tehran not much like that it could be one of the beautiful cities in the world! (most likely Tehran could have been one of the most beautiful cities in the world if it wasn't as crowded as it is.

اشکان خدایارخانی - عکس آتاریI wouldn't remember, but my parents have told me that I could play video games even before I started to walk the game console was Atari 2600 that supposedly I adore at the time.
I have got my first desktop personal computer along the way at the age of 7 which it had an Intel Pentium II processor and the wonderful green mysterious turbo button that was doing absolutely nothing as a matter of the fact, it came with pre copies of songs and music videos such as Celine Dion " My Heart will go on "laugh And the amazing Microsoft MS-DOS operating system that made me love the bash and command-line interface.
like every other child, I was, of course, interested in some different fields of profession such as being firefighter and game development and designer and I have chosen the second one and started to prepare myself by gathering knowledge about computer science and software engineer that led me to different related fields such as computer vision and artificial intelligence.
once I was done my mandatory military service, I have started to study computer engineering at one of the best universities related to this filed.
I even had my startup business called which was about renting classic cars for different purposes such as advertisements and events. Parallelly I was interested in the field of computer networks while I was attending some additional courses about business management and business administration, I was amazed about the big gap between management and computer sciences that pushed me to start my graduate studies in the field of IT and E-commerce with a hope to make these two more efficiently involved.
My goal is to combine all these skills and knowledge to make the world a better place, even slightly. ( اشکان خدایارخانی - سیگما )



that is enjoyable to involve yourself to solve the problem and coding well...


It's fun to learn and improve your knowledge in any fields


Anything related to Information Technology especially those that can make fundamental changes


Like Jazz, pop, rock, classic ... but I am interested in Epic Music and instrumental 


travel, adventure, Being in nature
Things that our ancestors had to do


Interested in Neuro-Linguistic Programming 

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